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We deliver the most efficient & Competent standard of service in accordance with trade specifications and regulations
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We're In Partnership with some of the world's leading mastic sealant manufactures to source the best material on the market for you
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All Operatives are full accredited in their field of work. Accreditation such as CSCS & IPAF are held by all our sealant applicators.
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Mastic Global is the UK leading Mastic Man company. We are masters of sealant application! Our mastic men and sealant applicators have over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial work and certified by IPAF, PASMA and CSCS. We have learned to incorporate beautiful contemporary style with superior workmanship.

We have chosen to partner with the industry’s leading sealant manufacturers such Dow Corning, Adshead Ratcliffe and Sika & Mapei to provide the highest quality sealants in the industry at very competitive and affordable rates.

In our many years of experience we have mastered the use of low and high modulus silicon sealants including polymer, polysulfate, elastomeric and si-hybrid based sealants which are designed to be used on specific substrate depending on the nature of work.

Our experience has given us the knowledge and expertise to achieve a smooth, firm and sharp finish which exceed our client's expectation every time. Our application techniques ensures that your new kitchen, bath or exterior masonry is always sealed tightly against leaks, movement and drafts leaving you free to enjoy your new space without worrying.

We offer clients, both on an industrial and domestic level, an exceptional service. You can bet that we will not compromise on nothing but the best quality of workmanship.

If you are seeking a Mastic Man or sealant applicator; you have come to the right place. We cater to all interior mastic and exterior mastic applications.

Our work is always delivered on time, on budget and with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are within a 50 mile radius of London, contact our knowledgeable and friendly client support team on 020 3662 9143 for a FREE Quote.

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Sealant Application Specialists

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Mastic Man Plumbing

Internal Mastic

An Extreme due diligence application technique is employed when it comes to Internal Mastic App
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Professional Mastic Man - External Sealant Applicator

External Mastic

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Colour Chart

At Mastic Global we give you a choice of different colors to match your  new kitchen, bathroom
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Mastic Man Services

  • Sanitary & Wet Areas

    Sealing gaps between your bath, basin, shower or kitchen worktops is important because unsealed gaps can drip water down between surface and the wall and cause flooding, mould and rotting of joists or floor membranes. The most efficient way to seal these gaps is using silicone sealants. All sealants we use for sanitary sealing contains fungicide which are -resistant to mildew, mould growth and are part acetoxy which has excellent adhesion to a variety of non-porous surface. We pay very close detailed attention to make sure all jabs are sealed to the required standards. Only The highest professional quality products that have been tried and tested over many years by the leading manufacturers of such sealants are used.
  • Expansion & Movement Joints

    Our Application technique to all Expansion and Movement Joint, be it Isolation, Contractional or Construction Joint are carried out so that the sealant has the most effective adhersion to the substrate to achieve the required movement allowed for the substrate during Contraction, Movement and extreme weather conditions such as temperature UV radiation
  • Structural Glazing & Curtain Wall

    When it Comes to glass, metal, or other panel patitioning we utilize a Unique technique to enable a precise adhersion between the sealant and the structure so that Wind load and other impact loads on the facade are transferred from the glass or panel, through the structural silicone sealant to the structure of the building so as to maintain adhesive, thermal stress and cohesive integrity as the facade is subjected to rain and wind load.
  • Door and Window Frames

    During warm and cold months of the year a properly applied mastic allows you to achieve the required temperature as specified in the building code of practice hence Mastic Global Ltd makes sure that all large cavities are properly filled with gap seals before the appropriate sealant containing polysulphide,polyurethane are applied to achieve the best adhersion while still remaining flexible.
  • Clinical Anti MRSA

    All Clinical, pharmaceutical and Electronic Operating and testing environment must be pollution free from not only airborne particles but as well as molecular pollution. Mastic Global Ltd only uses Sealants which are specifically developed with limited ionic contaminants,lesser molecular weight silicone and also contain anti-bacterial fungicide which protects against bacterial growth, MRSA, E Coli and Salmonella.
  • Sound Acoustic

    All gaps in wall and floor systems should be sealed using acoustic sealants when it comes to sound as these are designed to ensure flexibility and superior acoustic performance to enable complete noise control. Our Application technique can contribute to a reduction in perceived noise levels through the walls by up to 80% or more when compared with un-insulated, conventional wood stud walls. Acoustic Sealant is a premium acrylic mastic sealant, acoustically engineered to block sound vibrations for interior and exterior applications on a variety of different surfaces,including gaps between wall stud plates,sub-floor,around electrical outlets and boxes, air ducts and boots, doors, windows and all other wall and floor penetrations and gaps.
  • Submerged Pools & Tanking

    Submerged areas such as Swimming pool and water tanks requires that the mastic sealants must developed with fungicide silver technology, harmless to health and the environment as well as be capable of retaining a great amount of negative hydrostatic pressure that passes through the substrate and presses on the back side of the submerged areas. excellent weathering, ageing,UV and high notch resistance can be achieved by professionally applying the right application technique.
  • Secure Unit Anti-Pick

    Areas that are subject to abuse,vandal attack and vegerous use such as Public wash rooms are to be professionally sealed to eradicate anti-pick and anti vandalism as such Mastic Global use materials that designed for such vegerous senareous. these sealants used for such areas hardens within a reasonable amount of time. Choice of Colour is limited however these sealants are paintable.
  • Passive Fire Protection

    Mastic Global Uses Sealants that are specifically designed to withstand high heat presences at areas where the spread of fire and smoke are to be Contained for a limited period of time by an active and Passive fire protection measures as determined by the local building code and fire code to ensure the spread of fire is kept to the minimum.
  • Heavy Traffic Stadium Platform

    Heavy traffic ares such as railways platforms, car parks and bridges experience a very high level of contraction and expansion as such a new modern sealant materials are designed to withstand the continuous. these materials coupled with a professional application technique helps minimise and maintain this level of stress compounded on these substrates.
  • Chemical Sewerage

    Digester, water tanks and plants for industrial or domestic waste water had to be professionally sealed with an elastic sealant which has a high acidic resistance especially against organic acids, resistant against liquid manure, silage liquid and waste water so to achieve a firm and tight adhersion. special application procedure had to be strictly followed during sort of application. this procedure our operatives have mastered by heart.