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We deliver the most efficient and competent standard of service by trade specifications and regulations

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All Operatives are fully accredited in their field of work. Accreditation such as CSCS & IPAF is held by all our sealant applicators.

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Contemporary & Innovative Ways Of Achieving the Best, clean and long-lasting Finishes

Transforming Spaces with Superior Sealant Solutions

Mastic Global specialize in delivering a professional and unparalleled mastic sealing experience that’s been a rarity in the industry.

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum, from the sleek finishing of interior tiles and basins to the robust sealing of outdoor window frames and curtain walling.

We believe in offering the best of both worlds: aesthetics and durability. With Mastic Global, you never have to compromise on looks for longevity or vice versa.

Every project, regardless of its nature, receives our signature expert application and the use of premium quality products, ensuring a seamless and lasting finish.

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Our advantages

How we differentiate from the competition

Always on Schedule, Guaranteeing Timely and Reliable Service.

Fully Credentialed and Proud to Display Our Professional Qualifications.

Experienced with numerous projects in London and the Outskirts of the M25

We have received numerous 5-star reviews for our mastic sealant services

Guaranteed Excellence: On Time, On Budget, Total Satisfaction.

Innovative and adaptive sealant solutions for evolving environmental challenges.

Our Main Services

Mastic Global’s Comprehensive Sealant Application Services

Commercial and Domestic Services

Mastic Global excels in both commercial and domestic environments, providing tailored sealant solutions for each setting. Our expertise ensures the highest quality of work, whether it’s a large commercial project or a detailed domestic application, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal in every project.

Structural Glazing Sealant Application

Utilizing advanced silicone adhesive technology, we attach glass, metal, or other panel materials to a building’s structure. Our method expertly transfers the wind load and other impacts from the facade to the building’s structure, maintaining adhesive and cohesive integrity under various stresses.

Clean-room Application

Specializing in medical and clinical environments, we apply sealants in operating theatres, examination rooms, and laboratories. Our application techniques are designed to combat microbial or bacterial growth, ensuring a high level of hygiene critical in these frequently cleaned areas.

Movement Control Joint Application

Understanding the importance of joint integrity in modern construction, we provide the latest MS Polymer-based systems for effective control joints. Our application prevents unsightly cracking and damage, ensuring structural soundness.

High-Traffic Application

Our team is adept at handling areas with significant contraction and expansion, such as railway platforms, car parks, and bridges. We use modern sealants to withstand continuous stress, minimizing and managing wear and tear on these high-traffic areas.

Secure Unit Application

For areas prone to high wear, abuse, or vandalism, such as public restrooms, our robust sealing solutions are designed to resist anti-pick and vandalism. These quick-hardening, paintable sealants are ideal for high-abuse environments, combining durability with easy maintenance.

Domestic Interior and Exterior Applications

In residential settings, we provide expert sealant services for interiors and exteriors. From sleek bathroom tiles to sturdy outdoor window frames, our team applies the same level of expertise and high-quality products to enhance the look and longevity of your home.

Mastic Global Ltd is dedicated to covering every aspect of Sealant Application Services, ensuring quality, durability, and aesthetic excellence in each project.

Our work is always delivered on time, on budget, and with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are within a 50-mile radius of London, contact our knowledgeable and friendly client support team on 020 3662 9143 for a FREE Quote.

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